Your Inner Andy

47 x 64

Mixed media on canvas

“Your inner Andy”, a Just+Trew collaboration with Karen Bystedt of the “Lost Warhols”. “Your Inner Andy” turns the tables of inspiration from Mr. Francois Nars by Andy Warhol to Andy Warhol by Mr. Nars. By using an ordinary object, the compact, in a repeating pattern as Warhol often did, Just+Trew creates a modern day vision of what Warhol may have done if inspired by Mr. Nars. The orange chair where Andy sits is a painted collage of NARS window advertisements as well making this a fused inspiration of two great creative minds and the original photography of Karen Bystedt

This piece is designed to be viewed as if looking at oneself in two mirrors, reflecting back to you your own inner creative mind, “Your Inner Andy”.