Your Inner Andy (Print)


34 x 45    $675

22 x 29    $425

Modern Multiples, Moab 300gsm 100% cotton digital prints, deckled edges

Limited run of 25,  signed with Karen Bystedt

Your Inner Andy is designed with the intention of spotlighting your own creativity. The piece is constructed as if you are standing looking in two mirrors on a wall, reflecting back your creative self; Your Inner Andy. In following Andy’s use of ordinary objects as patterns, Trew incorporated the makeup compact which is a tribute to her experience as a makeup artist working backstage with Francois Nars for Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Philip Lim 3.0. The Blow Pop pattern is a signature of her “Pop Life” collection.
Andy sits on a regal Versace-inspired orange velvet chair which is collaged with texture from the window advertisements from NARS cosmetics. The chair is atop a black and white Missoni rug, and Andy connects his Keith Haring dog with a Chrome Hearts chain.
In order to stay true to form, Trew found a separate image of Andy sitting in order to depict his natural stance and attire. 

Connect with your Inner Andy and ask yourself, What is my object?